Can a Dukan Diet Help with Your Allergies?

Allergies can be quite rough and cause the skin can develop a rash. It may also lead to irritated and itchy skin causing you to bruise your skin by repeatedly scratching it. 

While medicines can be prescribed to reduce and eliminate allergies, certain kinds of diets have also proved to be quite effective in fighting against allergies. 

One such diet is known as the ‘Dukan diet’. It was named after Pierre Dukan who formulated the diet plan. This diet comprises foods that are high in protein and fat but low in carbohydrates.

Dukan Diet Review - A Registered Dietitian Explains How It Works
A Dukan Diet

Reducing carbohydrates (sugars) from the diet is meant to cut its consumption. This causes the body to start burning fats for respiration. Thus, the body begins to lose excess fats. This is useful for those who want to lose weight. 

One side effect of following this diet is ketosis. Taking high amounts of proteins in the body can cause ketones in the urine which may indicate ketosis.

Studies related to allergies

Studies show that the mild rashes developed on the body from an allergy are caused by the release of histamine. 

Allergies are known as the immune system’s exaggerated response to foreign substances. They can be caused by a lot of things, mostly insects such as dust mites, spores, insect venom, etc. Also, some people have allergies that are triggered by eating peanuts and chocolates.

There is research going on about allergen-specific therapies such as oral immunotherapy (OIT) in which allergen is given orally to an allergic patient. Gradually, the amount of allergen is increased. The results showed that increasing the intake of allergen in the patients caused the allergy to be eliminated temporarily.

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However, it was observed that the patients developed a reaction after some time. 

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Common facts about allergies

Allergies to some foods may be treated with allergy shots. They are not a fast cure but taking them for a long period can cut the allergic reactions in some cases depending on the severity of the allergy. Also, when it comes to a permanent cure, allergies don’t have.

The severity of an allergic reaction can be decreased but the allergy cannot be removed forever. More than 50 million Americans experience different types of allergies every year and they are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in patients living in the U.S.


Some allergies can be life-threatening as well as develop in the throat causing difficulties in breathing. Following a diet such as a Dukan diet is essential to control minor allergies such as peanuts and soy for people who want to avoid taking medicines. Plus Dukan diet is also vital for losing weight and maintaining a good figure.

Unfortunately, allergies develop at a very young age when the immune system is developing. They label any unrecognized agents as dangerous and begin to produce antibodies. This process can not be completely stopped but the production of antibodies can be reduced by taking medications or other allergy treatments. 

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