Golf Cart Batteries- Best Products

It’s much fun to drive a cart either during the weekends or when you are on vacation. Nowadays, these carts are used both on course and off course. Most golfers prefer owning their coaches to cut the cost of hiring one. It’s a good idea to have a good investment in it to avoid the recurring maintenance costs. Investing in the Best Golf cart battery will increase the efficiency of your cart. It’s never a cheap investment, but it trusts me. It’s a worthy investment. The first thing that you should consider is the battery product since we have several products in the market.

Below are some of the best products that will serve your best interest.

Trojan T-105 6 Volt Battery

The company itself has been in existence for 96 years. Therefore, it is easier to trust their products. The product is very reliable for use, and in addition, it is durable. The battery discharge is of a prolonged rate, therefore, serving you for a very long time. Moreover, the battery has thicker plates that ensure minimal peak current.

One of the limitations of this merchandise is that it is cumbersome. It maybe makes it hard to replace it or carry it around. In addition, the battery requires regular maintenance if you need it to serve you longer. If you ignore the maintenance aspect of the storm, it will start draining fast there becoming inefficient.

Expert power 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle

Suppose you are a regular golfer; you do not need to be charging your battery now and then. You can go up to 3 months without charging for intermittent use, and it will be serving you well. In addition, this is a lead-acid battery meaning it has a slower discharge and it is durable. However, for golfers, this may not be the ideal battery for your cart since it may not retain power as long as it is expected.

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Universal Power Group UB12350 12V

Do You Need Value For Your Money? Then this is the battery to go for. It is equipped with AGM technology to ensure efficiency and reliability. This is a 12-volt golf cart batteries. Therefore, it is very efficient on the golf course. Moreover, the battery has a low self-discharge and a high surge current.

Lifeline Marine AGM

This battery is constructed with the best technology, therefore, ensuring discharge at a prolonged rate. This is an ideal battery for golfers who spend much time on the course as it retains power for a long. It may be one of the most expensive golf cart batteries, but its durability is worth it.


There is a wide range of products in the market, but the batteries mentioned above have stood out for several years. Moreover, from customers’ experience, these golf cart batteries have minimum limitations, which, in most cases, are manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have batteries that can retain power for long without charging?

Yes. There is quite a number in various stores. All you need is to check on the battery specifications before you purchase.


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