Does Ted Danson Wear a Toupee?

Ted Danson, a 70-year-old actor, director, and producer from San Diego who began on the popular television series Cheers in 1978 has always maintained his physique and dazzled audiences with his thick, neatly cut hair.

From his first alias Sam Malone on Cheers, to his most current alias Neil Bremer on the Mr. Mayor series, the celebrity’s perennially rich, neatly cut quiff appears to have been encoded into his personality and recognized by admirers throughout the world as a signature trait.

However, none of his biggest fans, including myself, would ever be tempted to ask: Is his hair real? By simply looking at his photos in magazines, posters, newspapers, and so on. How has Ted Danson avoided baldness as he approaches the age of 75?

Who is Ted Danson?

Edward Bridge Danson III, better known as Ted Danson, was born in San Diego, California, on December 29, 1947. Edward B. Danson, his father, was an anthropologist. Jessica MacMaster, his mother, was an archaeologist. 

He was raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he developed into a passionate college basketball player. After enrolling at Stanford University, Danson realized that acting would provide him with a stable future. In 1972, he moved to Pittsburgh to complete his education.

Danson portrayed a number of supporting characters and made guest appearances in numerous television series. Danson achieved greater fame after starring in the N.B.C.-produced “Cheers,” in which he portrayed a bartender who was a former baseball player. The series was critically acclaimed, gradually became a fan favorite, and ran for eleven seasons.

Is Ted Danson’s hair real?

Do a thorough search for Ted Danson’s photos right now. If Ted Danson is wearing a wig or hairpiece, please leave a comment to alert the world to your concerns. Millions of his fans will feel obligated to publicly chastise you for even questioning whether Ted Danson’s hair is real.

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Take a look at him, just look at him, from young to old! How could he possibly be wearing a hairpiece or wig? 

However, as you dig deeper, you may discover something you don’t want to admit: Ted Danson is balding. Plus, he’s been wearing a hairpiece for decades, not just a few years! Heck!

Is Ted Danson bald?

Yes, Danson has been bald for a long time and has been wearing a hairpiece.

“My hair became a topic of conversation at the start of Cheers,” Ted revealed to reporters at the time, explaining that he only had a small bald spot at the start of the program, which he would conceal with brown coloring and a comb-over.

Ted Danson is definitely balding. Why bother believing otherwise when he admits it? But, according to his own testimony, he’s been balding since his very first show, Cheers, in 1978. Yes, the legendary figure with his perfectly grown head of hair has been bald for nearly 40 years!

That is the case. In one episode of Cheers, Ted Danson, aka Sam Malone, was shown showing his bald area. One of his co-stars told the press, “I do have to wear a divot hairpiece for Sam Malone. 

Then, one of the tabloids photoshopped his entire head and identified him as one of the bald individuals. And I couldn’t say, ‘no, no, he just wears this little…'”

For many years, Ted was never seen in public without a hairpiece. However, in 2017, a nosy parking attendant spotted him in Hawaii with his wife. Ted appeared to have a bald crown and short, gray hair that was nicely cropped and tinted for his formal appearance.

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Does Ted Danson wear a toupee?

Ted has, according to the Los Angeles Daily News in 1990, wearing a toupee on and off screen throughout the years.

Ted stunned the audience at the Primetime Emmy Awards that year when he finally won an Emmy for his role as Sam Malone on Cheers by showing his bald spot and hairpiece for the 

first time.”He looks the way you saw him at the Emmys,” Ted’s publicist told the Daily News at the time. “I believe Ted will be cast in roles both with and without the hairpiece.”

Co-producer and writer for Cheers, Mert Rich, told the newspaper that he had heard nothing but nice things about Ted’s declaration and the actor’s membership in the hair loss club.

“He approached me because I was bald and said, ‘See, I’ve joined you,'” Mert explained.

Both Mert and Ted’s publicist denied at the time that Cheers would cause Sam to go bald. However, as the hit sitcom’s run came to an end in 1993, Sam removed his hairpiece, which he referred to as a “hair replacement system,” in Cheers’ fourth-to-last episode, “It’s Lonely on the Top.”

How does Ted Danson’s hairpiece work?

The star has never been completely bald. On top of his head, he has only a few bald spots. When he was acting, he would use a hairpiece to cover the bald spots; the man-made hair and his natural hair blended perfectly. 

That no one in the world could possibly tell Ted Danson was wearing a hairpiece. Don’t misunderstand me! Celebrities are perfectly permitted to wear hairpieces.

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What is Ted Danson’s opinion on hair loss?

Ted, on the other hand, has never shied away from flaunting his baldness. 

With perfect assurance in his appearance, the comedic icon has already established a considerable, thin physique and a full head of hair that has been properly styled. 

This is due in large part to his master hairpiece, which no one on this planet can tell he is wearing. That is precisely what a high-quality hairpiece is intended to do.


We hope that the answer to Ted Danson’s bald and the question Ted Danson is bald, as well as additional information about men’s hair issues, have satisfied your needs.


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