How to Kill Dust Mites Naturally?

A dust mite is a tiny bug that commonly lives in house dust, those little things can seem harmless but they can actually cause grave allergies if not dealt with. In this article, you will learn how to kill dust mites naturally .

Microscopic view of a dust mite

Dust mite weaknesses


When it comes to dust mites, heat is the easiest and quickest way, and also free!

Dust mites can be killed by the following sources of heat:

  • Direct sunlight for at least 3 hours
  • Dry or wet heat of at least 60 °C (140 °F) for a minimum of 30 minutes

Very few mites can survive if the humidity is less than 45% (at 22 °C (72 °F)) this is why heat is so efficient.


If you live in a very urban town and you don’t have much space to spread the infected furnitures, you can use water:

  • Dust mites will instantly drown in water and die.

Specialized Sprays

There are two common types of dust mite sprays:

1. Sprays that eliminate and kill dust mites

2. Anti-Allergen sprays that reduce dust mite allergies

When selecting any kind of sprays, its important to read the health hazards when it comes to where you will distribute the product as some can be hazardous.

We have selected the best offers for you here based on the quality

Anti-mite fabrics

Good properties of anti-mite fabrics have been identified as being:

  • Thread count greater than 246.
  • Pore size of between 2 and 10 micrometres.
  • Allergen impenetrability >99%.
  • Dust leakage of less than 4%.
  • Breathability between 2 and 6 cm3 s−1 cm−2.
  • Those fabrics can be bought in your specialized home furniture store near you or on Amazon.
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Risk factors

The following factors increase your risk of developing a dust mite allergy:

  • Having a family history of allergies. You’re more likely to develop a sensitivity to dust mites if several members of your family have allergies.
  • Exposure to dust mites. Being exposed to high levels of dust mites, especially early in life, increases your risk.
  • Being a child or a young adult. You’re more likely to develop dust mite allergy during childhood or early adulthood.


Dust mites can cause allergies such as runny or stuffy noses, red and itchy eyes, itchy skin, coughing, sneezing and other upper respiratory problems. Those that have strong allergy reactions can find themselves having flu like symptoms when dealing with dust mites.

When dust mites cause allergies, it is important to find a way to reduce or eliminate the allergens that are caused by these dust mites to help keep you and your home healthy. In order to find the perfect dust mite deterrent, it is important to research the products and find the perfect product for your home, office and even your vehicle.


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