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  • Pollen Allergy and Skin problems
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  • Med Talk Health Talk: Skin Allergies
    Skin allergies are quite common. While they aren’t life-threatening, they can harm your self-esteem and self-confidence. No one wants that and it can affect your everyday. But you don’t have to suffer in silence. On Med Talk Health Talk, we…
  • Snoop is Allergic to EVERYTHING
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  • Do You Have a Food Allergy?
    Allergy to food is a reaction of the immune system which happens shortly after a food has been eaten. Signs and symptoms such as digestive issues, hives or inflamed airways can also be triggered by the small amount of the allergic food. Some people may have severe symptoms of a food allergy or even a life-threatening effect called anaphylaxis. Estimated 6-8% of children under the age of three and up
  • Can a Dukan Diet Help with Your Allergies?
    Allergies can be quite rough and cause the skin can develop a rash. It may also lead to irritated and itchy skin causing you to bruise your skin by repeatedly scratching it.  While medicines can be prescribed to reduce and eliminate allergies, certain kinds of diets have also proved to be quite effective in fighting against allergies.  One such diet is known as the ‘Dukan diet’. It was named after